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"The results I have gotten with Soul Elixirs have been wonderful. My girlfriend gave me two of the remedies; Abundant Life and Deep Relaxation. Shortly after I began using Abundant Life I got a call out of the blue from a friend who knew someone who wanted to get rid of two thousand pounds of ceramic clay, glazes and many other ceramic items. I am a sculptor and ceramist. This has been a huge blessing for me.
Then I started taking Deep Relaxation. I am also a building contractor and I tend to get stressed over the details and how well the job is going. The anxiety really would get to me, often leading to lost sleep over small worries. Since I started taking Deep Relaxation I've noticed that those same small worries are absent. I feel more calm and present in my work and I am sleeping much better. Deep Relaxation started to help me as soon as I began taking it. I am rested and grateful."
óAl Shanto, Sculptor/Contractor, Occidental, CA
"Thank you so much. The Soul Elixir Remedies have been an incredibly powerful healing tool for me. They are subtle yet they have assisted me to clear old thought patterns and calm my mind. They give me clarity and energetic support for creating plans and reaching goals. For me they have been like magic!"
óLyndsey McMorrow, Spiritual Counselor, Berkeley,CA

"In a life challenged by health and high adrenalin work issues one gets to know the best professional care and the products that support health and sanity. I consider Soul Elixirs Remedies essential. The flower remedies are among the few products I never forget to include on a daily basis. Receiving the personalized prescriptions, and the very beautiful readings that accompany them are a spiritual high point of each month. The entire package brings a freshness and tenderness unequalled anywhere else".
óSoul Elixirs biggest fan, Bobbie M. Savarese, Legal Merger Consultant, Santa Ynez, CA

Dr. Tobi Redlich with
three very happy patients
Soul Elixirs work for Pets too!

"My Australian Shepherd, Nikko had been plagued by serious allergy problems since he was a puppy. We noticed that he also had a melancholy personality compared to our other Aussies. He would separate himself and keep a distance from the playing and petting. We tried many wholistic remedies, special diets and care - you name it! Nothing seemed to bring this pet around. Then we decided to have a personalized remedy made for him. We saw the change in him immediately both physically and "emotionally". Nikko, our "sensitive guy" is a "new dog" since his Soul Elixirs remedy. When it works on a pet so dramatically, there is no question that Soul Elixirs work!"
óNancy Brown, New Mexico Aussie Rescue, Santa Fe

I'm on the last few drops of my current Soul Elixirs remedy. At this point, after two of them, I can say this: In the last couple of months I have experienced a greater sense of resolution-moving forward with difficult decisions. I also feel more energized in an intuitional sense-new events and connections keep popping up, reinvigorating a somewhat stale period of my life. In the absence of other causes, I attribute these changes to the flower essences from Soul Elixirs.
óLance Hardie, Radio Producer/Writer, Arcata, CA
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