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"Food Nourishes the Body, But Flowers Heal the Soul"
-old proverb

Catalysts for Awareness and Transformation

What Are They?
They are liquid extracts of individual flowers that are prepared by sun infusion in spring water. This water is then diluted and preserved with brandy. Like homeopathic remedies, they are vibrational in nature. They embody the specific energetic patterns of each flower. The vibrational quality of each flower correlates to and is an expression of a human soul quality. These remedies are helpful guides to release difficult physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns.

How Do They Work?
They actually work on our etheric body, so they are completely safe and are a wonderful adjunct to all other therapies. The flower essences are subtle and are not meant to replace any type of treatment you may already be utilizing. They guide us to our own light by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Enlightened Nature. They bring the intentions of our soul to realization. A gift from nature, they are here for our growth and increased awareness. Because these remedies work on a vibrational level, meditation is very helpful, as well as contemplation of the issues being addressed.

What Can I Expect?
The affects do vary from person to person. When one is in crisis the remedies tend to have a more dramatic affect & can be quite noticeable. On the other hand when our issues are more subtle they will tend to have a less dramatic appearance, however they will still be most affective.

These Soul Elixirs are pure vibrational essence. They have no scent or flavor. They taste like fresh water. For the 2oz. Oral Spray: Take approximately 2 to 3 sprays, 1 to 4 times per day, under the tongue. It is especially beneficial to take upon waking and before sleep. Since this remedy is vibrational in nature it is not important that the dosage be exact. Feel free to use your intuition and increase or decrease doses per day to the number of times that feels right for you.

For the 4oz. Body Spray/Room Spray/Oral Spray: Spray on your body after a shower or bath, first towel dry. An absolutely wonderful way to start or end the day!

For Best Results: Take consistently, everyday, for at least one week and up to four weeks. This is helpful because the remedies are balancing your energy field.

Excellent for Adults, Children, & Animals! (2oz. Bottles last approximately one month)

Personalized Essence Remedies are available by request. These remedies are individually prepared for you and your unique needs at this time.

Disclaimer: These remedies are subtle and are not intended to be a cure for any mental or physical illness. It is important to seek guidance from the appropriate health care professional for any of these disorders.

Thank you!

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