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"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
óGerald De Nerval

All of the elixirs are made from 99.9% distilled water that has been energized by full spectrum light, less than .01% alcohol and essences of flowers, gems, and stars. These Combination Remedies come in 2 oz. or 4 oz. Spray Bottles. Soul Elixirs make excellent gifts for yourself and others.

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Promotes abundance consciousness while connecting to the larger flow of life. Allows expansion thru the willingness to receive. Transforms anger into enthusiasm. Increases manifestation through trust in the unfolding of life events. Brings ideas into form. (Flowers) Borage, Larkspur, Polyanthus, Star Tulip, Sunflower, (Stars) Jupiter, Giedi, M44.

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Integrates sexuality and spirituality into a sacred unity. Expands the etheric body while allowing the physical body to become more yielding. Permeates our being with Divine Love. Creates emotional balance, which encourages intimacy and connection. (Flowers) Basil, Dogwood, Evening Primrose, Hibiscus, Holly, Lady's Slipper, Poison Oak, Snapdragon, (Element) Ozone.

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Creative Inspiration
Inspires artistry and creativity from a rich and deeply connected soulfulness. Simultaneously engages us in spiritual and earthly realms. We become a clear channel for Light and Creativity. (Flowers) Aloe Vera, Blackberry, Hooker's Onion, Indian Paintbrush, Iris, (Gem) Kinoite, (Star) Giedi.

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Creates a greater awareness of our purpose on Earth. Guides us to action that is true to our unique expression of self. Gives us permission to be unattached to what others may say or think. Enhances confidence and self-worth. (Flowers) Buttercup, Deerbrush, Milkweed, Lady's Slipper, Polyanthus, Sunflower, Walnut, Wild Oat, (Gem) Agate, (Star) Saturn.

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Excellent heart remedy. Creates tremendous courage when faced with difficult life circumstances. In times of shock and despair it allows us to step back and harness inner resources to meet the challenge. Engages our ability to harmonize breathing with feeling and enhances our capacity to express pain and sadness. (Flowers) Alum Root, Bleeding Heart, Borage, Dandelion, Grape Hyacinth, Yerba Santa, (Star) M44.

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Balances energies between the Crown and Root Chakras. Revitalizes through a connection to our inner source of sun-radiant energy. Creates an opening for the highest vibrational substance, Spiritual Love, to flood our aura. A great remedy for depletion of any kind, physical or emotional. (Flowers) Aloe Vera, Goatsbeard, Lady's Slipper, Morning Glory, Olive, Peppermint, (Element) Ozone.

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Enhances inner knowing from a quiet mind and deep connection to our spiritual essence. Opens spiritual consciousness while being protected by benevolent higher forces and guides. Enhances the soul's ability to receive guidance in daily life. (Flowers) Angelica, Indian Pipe, Lotus, Queen Anne's Lace, Star Tulip, White Chestnut, (Gem) Euclase, (Element) Ozone.

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Increases our ability to face and release emotional pain. Helps us break free of habitual patterns with courage and emotional honesty. Guides the soul to find spirituality within our heart so we are able to trust and surrender to our Higher Self. (Flowers) Agrimony, Calif. Poppy, Chestnut Bud, Forsythia, Milkweed, Morning Glory, Nicotina, Pink Monkeyflower, Poison Hemlock, (Stars) Alderamin, M44.

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Life Changes
Creates radiant clear vision and perspective. Connects us to feminine empowerment and wisdom. Balances fiery forces of change. Helps us to embrace dramatic life transitions. Encourages self acceptance and self-worth. (Flowers) Aloe Vera, Beech, Black Cohash, Chrysanthemum, Corn, Hibiscus, Iris, Poison Hemlock, Pretty Face, Sage, (Star) Betelgeuse.

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Harmonizes inner forces for emotional peace and stability. Physically releases muscular and nervous tensions. Transforms sensory overwhelm into refined sensory attunement. Teaches us to listen to emotional messages and physical needs. Excellent for anxiety and for hyperactive children. (Flowers) Chamomile, Dandelion, Dill, Goatsbeard, Lavender, Vervain, White Chestnut, (Gem) Carletonite, (Star) Betelgeuse.

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Brings a sense of inner purity on all levels. Releases emotional wounding that has been stuck in the physical body. Cleanses physical, mental and spiritual toxins. Enhances feelings of self-love. (Flowers) Chaparral, Crab Apple, Deerbrush, Evening Primrose, Golden Ear Drops, Holly, Plantain, (Element) Ozone.

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Particularly helpful for sensitive individuals, such as healers of any kind, who may absorb energy from others. Creates a shining shield of light around our etheric field. Allows compassionate healing forces to flow freely. (Flowers) Centaury, Garlic, Golden Yarrow, Grape Hyacinth, Mountain Pennyroyal, Saint John's Wort, Yarrow, (Star) Betelgeuse.

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Eliminates confusion and depression linked to mental toxicity. Harmonizes thinking and speaking patterns. Releases obsessive and repetitive thought patterns. Increases concentration. (Flowers) Blue Lupin, Cosmos, Madia, Peppermint, Rabbitbrush, White Chestnut.

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Increases receptivity to the messages we receive in dreams and meditation. Integrates our psychic and dream life with our daily life. Cleanses the psyche when the Soul has been over-exposed to negative imagery, such as violence, or has experienced an overload of chaotic stimulation. (Flowers) Angelica, Chaparral, Lavender, Morning Glory, Mugwort, Star Tulip, White Chestnut, (Star) Saturn.

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Available by request, these remedies are individually prepared for you and your unique needs at this time. A printed sheet with the ingredients and descriptions of the effects of each ingredient will be included. They are prepared intuitively by working with the resonance of the name and the resonance of the individual remedies and then matching up those vibrations. These vibrations change depending on the person's or animal's circumstances at the time. Chosen from a resource of over three hundred essences, your individual remedy will contain between six and twelve essences. To order, fill in the first and last name of the person or pet to receive a personalized remedy.

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