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Welcome to Soul Elixirs! With gratitude, Soul Elixirs exists to provide people and animals the opportunity to experience the healing wonders of flower, gem and star essences. Dr. Tobi Redlich, a Chiropractor and Flower Essence Practitioner, who for years has been creating flower essence formulas for her patients, developed Soul Elixirs. In the past few years she has added the gem and star essences to her repertoire. You can still order personalized remedies, just call for a consultation appointment over the phone and Dr. Redlich will make a remedy for your special needs. Soul Elixirs offers the highest quality product at affordable prices and only uses certified raw organic materials. Read about each of our Elixirs and its specific purpose and flower, gem and star essence content by clicking on the links below.

Combination Remedies in 2oz. or 4oz. Spray Bottles

You may also order Personalized Remedies, formulated upon request.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers. Wishing you health and joy.

"In joy and in sadness, flowers are our constant friends."
-Kozuko Okakura
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